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I read an article about baby food the other day and just have to write a few words about it myself. After I became a mother I have become so much more aware of what we eat, and what’s in the food we buy. It started when Son was reaching the age where he needed more food than just breast milk. The producers of baby food overload us new mothers with information on what to give our kids and not. But what they say contradicts what they do. One of the things I first reacted to was how babies aren’t supposed to have cow milk or gluten during the first months of weaning. Gluten should carefully be introduced little by little while the baby was still breast fed, cow milk contains proteins that babies aren’t able to digest. But the porridges (porridge is very much used as the first meals for babies in Norway) contain both from 6 months on. In an information leaflet given by Nestlé it said that during the first years a baby’s dinner should contain at least 50% meat, but their dinners rarely contain more than 14%.

I’ll leave you with a few links for now that were included in the article, but I will post more on this later on.







The image, btw, is from http://organicbabyproducts101.com/6-tips-for-making-your-own-baby-food/