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Torgrim Titlestad, a professor in History at the University here, has just published a new book. The local newspaper wrote a wee bit about it here the other day, and I am absolutely getting a copy. The author, Titlestad, is a man I almost consider one of my heroes. He is truly engaged in his work and seems to love what he does. He has written many interesting books and is absolutely a man of great knowledge. His new book is called ‘Following the footprints of the Vikings’ and is a local tour guide covering many historically important sites. As for now it is only in Norwegian, but according to the newspaper they are planning on having it translated as well.

I think everyone should know a bit about their local community and of historical sites of importance in the area. I know I am more than averagely interested in history, and thus consider this book a must-have for anyone in the area. I assume many of you would disagree with me, but then, maybe you have a nerdy relative who you now know what to get for christmas?

Following is a link to the published information site about the book, unfortunately for some of you, it’s in Norwegian.