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After some hours of intense reading at the office today, I decided to take the time to walk home. It’s about an hour and half walk, which is more time than I usually have to get home, but today I wanted to make it a priority. I don’t regret that. The weather was beautiful and 90 mins of crisp, clear, autumn air felt great! I really should try harder to make time for a daily walk. 

It is just lovely outside these days. I love autumn, I think I love all seasons, I just don’t like the time in between seasons. I don’t like the insecurity regarding the weather and how to dress when going outside. I want it to be so cold now that I have to wear a jacket when going out, a warm jacket that won’t be too warm as soon as I start moving. Well, I’ll leave you with this and sit back and enjoy the season, in a few months I’ll be sick and tired of it and longing for spring. Well, that’s then and this is now. Enjoy autumn everyone!