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Being a student I am, of course, of those who need to write quite a lot. And in those cases where it is easier to use a pen than a computer, it’s important to have a good pen!

When I was in one of my first years of primary school, pupils who didn’t hold the pencil properly were given a small rubber thing to use on their pencils to develop an ergonomically correct grip. I held my pencil correctly, but desperately wanted one of these things, and so I changes my grip. My teacher saw this as what it was, and wouldn’t give me one, and result is, I changed the way I held the pen, and kept the incorrect grip for the following 15 years. Writing exams and such turned out to be a painful ordeal and while working at an office supply store, I decided to change back. I found the perfect pen to help me do this, and actually managed after a very short time. I was ecstatic. I fell in love with the pen, but soon after it went off the market in Norway, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. While driving through Germany as part of our honeymoon in 2008 I found the pen again in Germany. I stocked up, but a few pens and even more refills, but now I was getting low on refills, and I only had one pen left. I searched the internet, trying every trick in the book, and found it in some webstores. But I refuse to pay 200NKr, 20 pounds, or 35$ for a pen, which is what the price came to with shipping and all. So I contacted Schneider directly, poured my heart out in an e-mail, and was astonished when I received an answer; and then even more astonished over what it said. They would send me three pens and refill cartridges free of charge. I love this pen even more now!