After having a few blogs on different topics and struggling to keep these apart, this is my one and only now. I knew I needed one after visiting a friend some time back, she served me a cup of tea in a cup with the print: “Everyone’s entitled to my opinion”. She said it was the perfect cup for me. I wasn’t aware that this was how she saw me, but have thought about it afterwards; I do have a tendency to give advice and share my opinions. I don’t mean any harm doing this, I feel like I am holding back if I don’t. If I discover something noteworthy, whether lifechanging or insignificantly minor, I have to tell others. So, from now on, I will try to share on this blog, so that if you’re interested you can read on, if you’re not, then simply don’t.

These things I post are things I’ve learned or tried, and that I feel improve my life. I love to learn, and live to learn, and I would love to learn more. Any comments, either on what I post about, or if you feel the need to share; I would LOVE for you to tell me. Please do!