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The house is quiet, I’m tired. I have a few candles burning and a huge cup of tea with my favourite blend sweetened with just a wee bit of honey. Tea cups can, in my opinion, not be big enough. My favourite at home is this green cup that holds 6dl (that’s a bit more than a pint). As you can imagine, I don’t like my tea too hot…

My favourite blend these days is green Marani tea, from the TeeGschwendner in Germany. The tea is a Japanese and Chinese blend with rose, cornflower and sunflower blossoms as well as pineapple. With a tea spoon of honey it’s perfect! I found it while in Berlin last Novembre, bought a small bag, which I regretted when it was empty after about a month. Husband was in Berlin again in May and bought home a large bag which I hope will last until the end of the winter season. Shipping charges from the online store are ridiculous and not even worth considering, so I hope friends and family will take advantage of the direct flights to Berlin and bring me home some tea every now and then.

I usually drink my tea with a bit of honey, and have just found out the hard way that honey isn’t just honey. I usually buy a local variety, but didn’t find it last time I was in the shops, so I bought a similar looking one at approximately the same price. The taste is very different, and when used in tea the taste of the honey is rather prominent. Well, we live and learn.